• 11.Pinfire Guns  Single Shot

Pinfire Guns presents our brand new 2mm Pinfire miniature gun, a Nickel-Plated, Xythos-Style, 6-shot automatic Double-Action Revolver! When you pull the trigger, it goes BOOM! It comes inside a military-style miniature (3 1/8”L X 2 7/16”W X 1”D) green wood crate which has a painted white star on the lid, which closes using earth magnets. We also include with your "Xythos"-style revolver a key chain and attached to it, for your convenience - a 2” push rod (unscrew the ball on one end and use to expel spent rounds from the barrel)

The Xythos, originally manufactured by Andres & Dworsley, stopped production several years ago and originals are becoming more and more valuable and harder to find. We worked to have an affordable version made in China, which has gone through changes to ensure it works with the blanks that are importable today. We guarantee your satisfaction and hope new and existing customers can appreciate the tribute model and its ability to bring the love of this amazing hobby to new enthusiasts.

 This Xythos does NOT fire Flares or Lead Ball (hand-made live rounds) and it's not YET recommended to fire flat-top live rounds from this Xythos version, which we sell pre-made when we can keep them in stock (they fit, unlike lead ball live rounds, but won't fire straight consistently and require the Cylindar to always line up perfectly, so blanks are the ONLY round recommended , and they are plenty of fun in an automatic gun!!!  We are currently working on some new 2mm Live Rounds that we beleive WILL work with our Model XYTHOS, and will let you know as soon as we beleive them to be safe to work with this gun.  If you do use the live rounds in this Xythos, any feedback that you could offer us would be very helpful, and could help us to clear the live rounds for use in this Xythos much quicker.

If you are interested in the austrian-produced original Xythos, we carry them in a variety of conditions and also have flare-firing kits-with either male or female threading. Browse the Xythos category for current available models.

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11.Pinfire Guns Single Shot

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